Shop With Scrip

Begins Wednesday, 21 February 2018   |   Ends Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Shop with Scrip

When you hear the word “fundraising,” you probably associate it with pestering friends and family to buy from your abundant supply of wrapping paper, tubs of cookie dough, and trinkets galore. The truth is, the majority of fundraisers out there revolve around selling overpriced products that most people could live without. Sure, they bring in money if people are buying from you, but they’re never guaranteed to succeed. Scrip, on the other hand, offers big earnings with no selling— it’s fundraising while you shop®!


ORDERS are to be turned into the BPA box between now and 8 NOV at 4:30pm.  Sorry, no late forms accepted.  Cards will be available at Winter Concert (7 DEC). Please include your  STUDENT NAME in the memo field of your check. Thanks!

Alumni/parents of seniors/students that don’t need money in their charms account because you’ve earned so much selling HEB gift cards: you too can order Shop with Scrip cards and support our band! Please put BAND in the memo field of your check if you wish to do this.

Click Here for Order Forms

For Questions, please contact Sandy Zell or Susan Galiano, VP Student Fundraising