Private Lessons

How to Succeed in Band at Reagan High School

We strongly encourage our band members to take private lessons on their instrument, as this is a great way to set and achieve measurable goals with a Professional Musician or Specialist on ones’ specific instrument.

Each instrument has special needs and tendencies.  As a result, we partner with some of the finest trained professionals in their fields.  There is no substitute for taking lessons with an individual who performers or specializes on a specific instrument, and we work to find the best fit for each of our band members.

Many think that “private lessons” or “tutoring” are only needed for kids who are struggling with their instrument … while it is great for “extra help” as it suggests, those students who are excelling on their instruments benefit equally and usually excel to a whole new level of performance with the addition of private lessons.

It is virtually impossible to achieve high levels of success in the TMEA All-State Process without coaching from a private lesson instructor.

Even if your band member will not pursue music as a career, taking lessons teaches responsibility, goal setting, and commitment to a craft or process.  The art of learning to commit and work towards excellence applies far beyond learning to play an instrument.

How do I know who to take lessons from? There are so many teachers advertising!

Although there are many instructors in the San Antonio area, the list below represents a collection of individuals who we have worked with in the past and have proven extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy.

They are masters at their craft, and trusted by our staff to further your band member’s love for music and achieve success at TMEA All-State Auditions and all facets of the Reagan Band Program. If you do not currently study with one of our recommended instructors, we highly encourage you to explore taking a sample lesson with them to see what you think!

Please contact Mr. White ( for more information on how to select the best instructor for you and your instrument.

Kristin Jackson
Kay Southerland
Gene Genecco

Rebecca Hackett
Erin Weber
Mark Ackerman

Mark Rogers
Patty Fagan-Miller

Sara Stolt
Jennifer Daffinee
Marianne White
Chip Burris

Scott Mcdonald
Dustin Jessop
Chip Burris

Danny Miller
Penny Compton
Daniel Flores

Marc Lumley
Leland Sharrock

Ilan Morgenstern
Andy Post
John Goforth

Jessica Powell
Mike Woods
John Goforth

Mike Woods

John Merritt