Band Parents Association

Ronald Reagan High School Band Parents Association - RRHS BPA

The RRHS Band Parents Association is a volunteer organization. Thank you to all the parents that support the band! Without the tireless work of the Band Parents Association, the Reagan band would have a difficult time operating at the highest level. Our support enables the directors and staff to spend as much time working with our children as possible. The Executive Board and Committee Chairs are volunteers just like you who would love to help you find a way to support the band and our children.

The Executive Board for the Band Parents Association is responsible for countless hours of work and planning to help make every facet of the band program a success!  If you have any questions you can feel free to direct them to the executive board!

President - Meighan Elledge
President - Shelley Hull
VP Association Fundraising - Lesley Oberlin
VP Association Fundraising - Kelly Lepeska
VP Student Fundraising - Stacey Mitchell
VP Student Fundraising - Margie Pol
Treasurer - Delia Gaona
Treasurer -
VP Crew - Sean Magnuson
VP Crew - Patrick Barrett
VP Chaperones - Shenai Fisher
VP Chaperones - Mike Mullins
VP Concessions - Dianna and Carlo Best
Secretary - Summer Cervenka
Parliamentarian - Andy McAdams

Our various BPA committees help the Reagan Band run smoothly.

Band Banquet - Terrie Solis
Concession Stand Manager - Julie Conroy
Concession Stand Manager -
Concession Stand Manager -
Events/Hospitality - Cathy Veith
Meals (Game Day) - David Amori
Meals (Competitions) - Pam Huff
Merchandise - Chanda Williams
Photography - Michael Richmond
PTA Liaison/Newspaper - Shelley Hull
Social Media - Ryan Salm
Social Media - Seema Patel
Spirit - Trisha Stephens
Spirit -
Uniforms (Marching) - Melanie Richmond
Uniforms (Marching) - Maria LeBlue
Uniforms (Concert) - Jennifer Bowen-Shauver
Water - Kirt Haeberlein
Webpage Manager - Daniel Allen

Section parents are a great source of information.

Clarinet/Bass Clarinets - Julie Conroy
Color Guard - Heidi Crockett
Euphonium/Tuba - Marina LeBlanc
Flute - Karee Cox
French Horns - Wendy Dolle
Percussion - Kimi Shupe
Saxophones - Viju Pachikara
Trombone - Kim Crinklaw
Trumpet - Amy Hammond
Double Reed Consultant - Cathy Obien

BPA Volunteer Calendar

Parents, we need you!  Even helping at one or two events helps a lot.  Volunteer sign up is EASY!  View all volunteer needs including chaperone, concessions, crew and more on the BPA Volunteer Calendar.  Please note this is NOT the General Band Calendar.

BPA Meeting Dates

Meetings are generally held in the Reagan Auditorium or Band Hall.  Dates are also posted on band calendar


Mailing Address:
Ronald Reagan High School Band Parents Association
19141 Stone Oak Parkway, STE 104, PMB 5
San Antonio, TX 78258