Marching Band

The Ronald Reagan High School Marching Band is one of the largest and most active spirit and competition groups on campus. The Marching Band attends football games and pep rallies in addition to the annual slate of Texas UIL, Bands of America, and independent marching competitions across the country. The Ronald Reagan Marching Band has consistently been a finalist in Bands of America and UIL Activities, including the Bands of America Grand National Championships and the UIL Texas State Marching Contest.

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COMPETITION – Marching Band Competition Dates

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NEISD Fall Festival |BOA Regional Houston |  Texas Marching Classic | UIL Region 12 Marching Contest | UIL State Marching Contest |Bands of American Super Regional San Antonio | Texas State Marching Contest


Marching Shows

NOTE: Grand Nationals performance denoted with *

2021:     The Path
2020:     Iconic
2019:     Secret World
2018:     Loop
2017:     Us & Them
2016:     One Love*
2015:     Every(one)
2014:     Through the Hourglass
2013:     Epinicion
2012:      Let It Shine*
2011:     Spaces
2010:     RE-
2009:     Have You Got It In You?
2008:     En Garde
2007:     It Chooses Me*
2006:     Transitions
2005:     You Never Know*
2004:     Synergy
2003:     Beyond Perimeters*
2002:     The Journey Within*
2001:     Out of the Box
2000:     Perpetual Motion