Instrumental Ensemble

Course Overview
In this self-paced class students will be expected to show a desire to improve on their instrument, as well as self-motivation, dedication, and responsibility. Students will be expected to focus on the Texas Music Educators Association All-State Etudes during the first semester, and a solo work of their choosing in the spring semester. In addition to this primary musical focus, every student will be placed in a chamber ensemble. It will be up to the students to prepare, and rehearse the music that they have been given for their chamber group.

Weekly Schedule
Each instrument group will be “pulled out” one day per week, and given a Masterclass by a band director on their primary musical focus. This will allow band directors to assess and monitor student progress throughout the course of the semester while also helping students stay on task, and guided through their practice.  We will also have a weekly "showcase" where students will perform for each other.

Student Expectations
The following will be expected of students for this course:

  1. ALWAYS on task. This is not a “free period”, a study hall, or homework time. Students are expected to be practicing on their instrument every day.
  2. Students will be asked to perform in front of small groups, band directors, and the entire class.
  3. Students will be expected to fill out and submit “Weekly Reflections” on their practicing.

The grade for this course will be broken up in the following way:
20% - Weekly Practice Plans
20% - Weekly Reflections
20% - Weekly Teacher assessment
40% - Participation*
*Participation includes the ability to stay on task, and not distract others.

Weekly Practice Plans
Students will be asked to fill out a weekly practice plan each Monday at the beginning of the period.  This will allow students an opportunity to give thoughtful consideration to their weekly goals, as well as giving students a frame of reference from which to start when filling out the weekly reflections

Weekly Reflections
Weekly reflections will can be found at and will be filled out by students each week. This quick and easy online form will require students to look back on what they have worked on, what goals they are setting for themselves, and how they can achieve those goals. Weekly Reflections will be available Thursday evening through Friday evening each week.