Guard Camp Recap!

Posted on July 28th, 2015 by

The Color Guard had a GREAT week at the annual Guard Camp!  In addition to Guard Director Mr. Gabrintina, three additional instructors brought their expertise to the Reagan Guard.  Experienced performers and instructors Brianne Tomas, Mariah Hemminger, and Cameron Cornejo taught technique and fundamentals, along with choreography and flag work to our Color Guard.

Guard members completed strength building exercises and body work in a movement class each day.  These exercises should still be practiced at home by Guard members to increase flexibility and muscle memory.

Guard Camp also began preparation for the 2015 competitive marching show, Every(One).  The pre-show dance routine was taught to the Guard, as well as the flag work for the show’s opening movement.  Veteran Guard members (Captains and upperclassmen) began rifle work and advanced choreography for the show.  

For a fun break from the precise Camp work, the instructors taught a hip hop clinic on Thursday morning, and choreographed a dance routine for the Guard to perform for each other!

Camp ended on Friday with some sore muscles and a Bahama Buck’s snocone party!

Although Miss Brianne and Miss Mariah returned to tour with their own performing groups, Mr. Cameron will stay throughout Band Camp to teach the Color Guard with Mr. Gabrintina.




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