Does being in band help me in my other classes?

Can I afford to be in Band?

YES!  There are countless student fundraising opportunities throughout the year, and many of our students pay for large portions of their band and trip fees through fundraising.  If you are interested in our current fundraising opportunities, CLICK HERE to visit our fundraising page.  If there are any questions about costs, please contact us!

What is the time commitment like?

Per Texas State (UIL) Law, before/after school activities are only allowed to practice for 8 hours per week once school has begun. During the summer, we have a Band Camp that runs during the weeks leading into the school year. These weeks are more intensive to prepare us for the marching season. During the marching season there are Friday night football game commitments (performances) as well as Saturday Contests (competition) throughout the Fall Semester.

Can I take Pre-AP classes if I’m in Band?

YES! Many of our students are extremely high academic achievers! We have countless students who excel in Pre-AP and AP classes in addition to High School Band. The Band provides students with necessary skills of responsibility and organization that helps students in their classes. We also encourage students who are struggling to talk to older students who have been successful in those classes, as a type of peer tutoring. Please see the academic facts on graduating students below!

Can I do High School Band if I’m ALSO in (INSERT SPORT/CLUB/ACTIVITY HERE)?

YES! We work hard with coaches and sponsors to make sure that you are able to participate in any and all activities you are interested in your 9th grade year. Our only request is that communication be your number one priority! Let us know what you are involved with so that we can help you work out a schedule for your high school activities! Our philosophy is that you should not have to make a choice between two activities in high school when you have not yet experienced either one!

I play a double reed instrument, and I heard you can’t march with those. Can I still be in Band?

YES! While it’s true that we do not march with Oboes or Bassoons for safety reasons, there are other opportunities to perform with the marching band! In the past, our double reed players have performed with the Color Guard, the Front Ensemble, or on Secondary instruments (saxophone, flute, or clarinet). Our biggest concern is helping students to be successful.  If you are a double reed player, the earlier you can contact a band director about your options, the better off you’ll be.  We want to make sure that we get you the help you need to feel confident about your marching band experience. In the case of front ensemble or secondary instruments, we would request that lessons be taken to help your double reed students work toward catching up with their peers.