Shop With Scrip – Fall & Spring

Begins Monday, 9 September 2019   |   Ends Friday, 13 September 2019

Shop with Scrip

We are currently NOT taking orders for Shop with Scrip.  Please check out our order form below to see an example of what kinds of gift cards we will be selling next time.  Check back in the spring for our next order.

Click here for the order form: Order Form.

Shop with Scrip is a physical gift card fundraiser.  We run it twice a year in October and in the late spring.  You give us your order and we deliver gift cards back to you about a month later.  It is very labor intensive for us which is why it takes about a month to receive your cards, but our work typically yields higher percentages than other fundraisers for student earnings.  Students have earned an average of 7.5% through this fundraiser since we began running it.  To see a list of retailers, visit

Use these gift cards as teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or for things you would normally spend money on and help your student pay for their band and trip fees.  People like this fundraiser because the buyer gets to choose what they want or where they want to spend their money instead of purchasing something they do not really want or need such as cookie dough or wrapping paper.

For this fundraiser, we cannot accept late orders.

For Questions, please contact Sandy Zell or Shenai Fisher, VP Student Fundraising