Wash Tub

Begins Friday, 1 July 2022   |   Ends Tuesday, 1 August 2023

wash tub_logoWash Tub gift cards are a $25 dollar value

The Wash Tub gift cards are accepted at 25 locations in San Antonio and surrounding areas*. The cards can be used for any car wash services, memberships, as well as any boutique purchase.

*Wash Tub has locations in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Round Rock, Georgetown, Kerrville, Schertz, and San Marcos. Please see www.washtub.com for more information.


  • Please do not combine HEB, Wash Tub, or Krispy Kreme orders on one check. A separate check must be made out for each fundraiser.  We sell Wash Tub and Krispy Kreme gift cards when we receive funds or disperse HEB cards.
  • Gift cards are $20 each and students earn 50% for their Charms accounts.
  • Make check out to RRHS BPA (Ronald Reagan HS Band Parent Association)
  • Please put student’s name in memo field so we know who receives the monies for Charms

For Questions, please contact Stacey Mitchell and/or Margie Pol